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Conservative Christian Movement Podcast Episode 004  California Dreamin’
You are listening to the Conservative Christian Movement Podcast, Episode 004 Titled California Dreamin’   This episode was Recorded February 11, 2018.  Show Notes can be found at or  Today I’ll give details on  Saul Alinsky’s third rule for Radicals, Talk about the craziness of California politics, and the latest Liberal Rant.
Let’s jump right into it…
The verse of the day: Isaiah 52:7—
How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvations, who says to Zion, “your God reigns.”
Based on Isaiah, it would be nice to have more good news to share, but liberalism is broad.   And it is always attacking Christianity.   I will soon be giving lessons on being a better, more engaged Christian and more effective.  More to come on that.
Let’s jump right into it with the Third Rule for Radicals—
Over the past two weeks we covered the first rule of making your enemy think you have more strength than you really do, and the second, remaining inside your skill zone.  It is fitting to note the third rule is focused inside the organization.
  • The third rule is: Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.
Saul Alinsky knew one thing for sure, you’re fighting a losing battle if you are not in a position of strength.  Liberal activists have also learned this rule and learned to use it efficiently.  In fact, looking back at last weeks episode where I talked about the second rule which is all about the activist and his/her team.  The third rule is all about the adversary and keeping them off balance— or on the defensive.  In some ways President Trump needs to stop looking like he’s on the offensive all the time.  Have you ever had a task to do and just felt the skills required were above your head?    This is a very uncomfortable place for most people.  It changes how you think, react, and definitely affects your confidence level.
Knowing this is likely true, Alinsky recommends the activist be within his skill level while pushing the adversary outside his or her skill levels.  Why?  You make mistakes when under pressure and outside your zone.  This creates that artificial power we have already discussed.  They may make inflammatory statements, ask questions of very detailed and disagreeable nature or even name call— much like a bully.  Again this is simply to keep you off balance.
What shall we do to push this tactic back?  Stick to biblical facts, don’t back down, and certainly don’t step beyond your skill level.  Remain calm and know God’s word is true and correct.  With God on your side, who can be against you.
It is sad how today, the Republican Party backs away from social issues such as abortion, marriage defined as between one and and one woman, and Christianity in general.  The Republican Party simply will not touch it.  The main issue I had with the Tea Party Movement was it’s straying away from social issues.  Without focus on social issues, we will continue to be fractured.  In fact, we are more divided than ever today.
One party however which does not usually back down, especially on issues of a liberal nature, is the Democratic Party.
California Dreamin’
if you consume news from any outlet considered more conservative, or certainly middle of the road, California comes up frequently.  If a stupid law has been passed anywhere, there is a better than average chance it was in California, hence the title of this podcast, California Dreamin’.
Though California is not listed as the state with the most debt, it is certainly high on the list.  It is fortunate the state has includes profile tech companies, and a very high tax base to pay for their idiocy.  But to what can we identify as the source of so many laws which to a conservative’s way of thinking, make no sense.
I can remember long ago, hearing Governor Brown referred to as Governor Moonbeam.  It was so long ago, in my youthful 1970s, when I first hear of him.  It just wan’t clear to me why he earned the title or if it was rightly applied to him.  Now that the Governor has been selected again, it is crystal clear.  There is no crazy law too crazy for him or his state government.
Thanks for Breitbart for doing he legwork on this one (linked below).  What they found when looking for the “stupidest” (their word, not mine) laws which took effect January 1, 2017 were short of amazing for lack of a better description.  Even better, there were 898 new laws to cope with.  But, as most should know, the US has something called the Constitution.  It calls out responsibilities of Federal Government and State Government takes responsibility for everything else.  The last I heard, states including California can not pass laws simply to overcome the US Constitution.  Enter California Liberalism.
Apparently, the state feels it is above the Constitution— Sovereign.  Among the new laws is the Proposition 63 aims to curb gun violence by systematically making it prohibitively difficult if not impossible to purchase a firearm, or ammunition in California.  It’s a back door nullification of the 2nd Amendment.  As we all know, the way to stop a criminal with a gun is with just more laws.  The jury is still out as to the effect of this law, but liberals tout it as a success.
California just had to jump in on the bathroom argument with AB 1732-The Single Use Bathroom Law.  This law simply required all public single use bathrooms be labeled with signs indicating they are “All Gender”.  I’m scratching my head on this one.  I know, it’s only a buck.
Bathrooms and methane gas clearly go together  Breitbart refers to SB 1383 as “Controlling Cow Flatulance”.  Not entirely untrue or unfair as a title.  In the bill, livestock owners have an obligation to clean up manure in order to prevent climate change.  it’s true.
We can’t forget the children however.  California, thru SB 1322 has seen fit to allow children to be prostitutes.  As Isaac Newton proved, every action has an equal but opposite reaction.  The law prohibits law enforcement from arresting children for prostitution, either in action or attempted, thus legalizing it.  Is something really illegal if you don’t enforce the law?
Not to be outdone, California need not rely on elected officials to write laws.  A college students can do so.  UC Berkeley students have penned a new law offering abortion on demand, on campus.  The law is claimed to be life changing but provided only convenient abortions on campus as an example.
Laws in California seem to be crazy in every way.  Yet, California cannot prevent homelessness.  According to “not so conservative” LA Times, one in five residents of California are poor.  In fact record spending has not improved the situation.  It has actually made it worse.  Now put your shocked face on.  California spends more money than any state in the union and is unable to solve the problems.  Clearly money isn’t always the answer.
Crazy Liberal of the Week…
Surprise, we stay on the trail in California (or Washington, DC).  Our super liberal of the week is once again Nancy Pelosi, the house minority leader.  There really is something about California…  Maybe Christians in California, or San Francisco specifically should begin waking up and participating in our political process.
In any case, Ms Pelosi took to the house floor this week in what I’ll call an 8-hour incoherent ramble.  Her goal was to obtain a vote on DACA, something only House Speaker Paul Ryan can schedule.  She promised to block votes on the budget, yes shutting the government down until her demands were met.  Even other Democrats were put off by the antics. Maybe there is some hope in Washington after all.
During her 8-hour marathon, she read letter after letter from illegal immigrants on how their lives would be dismantled without a fix in place.  I have no doubt they make good points.  Many are successful people in their own right despite their parents crossing the border, living here illegally.  To be clear they are not citizens.
The number of people as quoted by President Trump is likely near 1.8 million.  That’s a lot of people to just pardon of their crimes.  Even though it will be quite good for them personally, and even better with 1.8 million new Democratic voters.  However, if the shear number of people matters in an argument, I could likely find a mass of people who would perhaps, take a candy bar from a store at the same time, take a neighbor’s newspaper (as if we’d read it anyway, or best yet, go rob a bank.  After all if so man people are desperate enough to commit the same crime, there must be a good reason to “forget” the infraction.  At least Liberal Logic would say.
I also appreciate when liberal minded, anti-Christian people quote the Bible to back up their quasi-point.  In her dialogue she quoted Luke Chapter 10 regarding the Good Samaritan.  One could look at this Biblical reference and know the situation is not the same as it was back then.  Using it to justify giving citizenship to illegal immigrants is a bit of a stretch. Yes, the story in Luke showed compassion.  Compassion and ignoring law breaking are not the same and can’t be.  Back in the day, the journey from Jerusalem to Jericho was about 18 miles, yes a difficult walk and as referenced, quite dangerous at least some of the time.  No where did the Bible claim anyone who made that walk was breaking the law— a major distinction.
Special Thank You!
Thank you to Dean for the feedback.  Dean mentioned some additional details regarding polling and LGBT polls of surprise to me.  It seems there are times when Rape Victims in prison are conveniently considered LGBT when it serves the interests of pollsters.
Coming in the next episode, I’ll cover Alinsky’s fourth rule for radicals, provide an overview of Congress and its way a Bill becomes a Law, hopefully in more detail than the cartoon I watched as a youngster.
Join the discussion at  I look forward to your comments.
Until next time, be blessed.
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