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Conservative Christian Movement Podcast Episode 006 Join or Die

Today I’ll give details on Saul Alinsky’s fifth rule for Radicals.  I’ll talk about how the US Constitution came to be and how it almost didn’t.  I’ll finish with the latest liberal Rant.  I also want to touch on hot button issues and why YOU should pay attention to the news and Opposition Editorials.

You are listening to the Conservative Christian Movement Podcast, Episode 006 Titled Join or Die.  I am Jeff Stipe, your host. This episode was Recorded February 24, 2018.
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Let’s jump right into it…
The verse of the day: Matthew 20:27—
And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:
As we prepare to consider the founding fathers, Matthew 20:27 is a reminder of how people who govern should first be servants to their people.  Can you say with any certainty, you have witnessed such servant leadership in our government on a consistent basis?
Each of the 56 signers were servant leaders.  Regardless of their politics, each risked their lives and that of their families.  Though many later served as governors, senators, representatives and in other capacities, signing the Declaration of Independence could was a treasonous act.  It took tremendous courage to believe in America to that level and actually put themselves out there for the cause.  Dare to dream to see that in our leaders today.
The Fifth Rule for Radicals—
Over the past four weeks I have been presenting Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  The first rule of making your enemy think you have more strength than you really do, and the second and third, remaining inside your skill zone while moving your opponent out of theirs.  The fourth, “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules— the Bible. This week’s rule is perhaps the one of the top three most used rules of the lot.  And I quote:
The fifth rule: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.
Crazy Liberals of the Week…
The meltdown over guns continues.  The news this week is fixated on Florida High School students, their seeking “Change”
Recall last week the presentation of Alinsky’s Fourth Rule for Radical.  The rule suggests forcing Christians to live by their moral code.
“For a group that regularly preaches about the “sanctity of marriage” and inveighs against the evils of divorce, it was a major political puzzle to me when evangelicals first backed the thrice-married, adulterous Trump over Hillary Clinton.”  Juan Williams, February 2018
One could say Juan Williams, in spite of being the token liberal on Fox News is not anywhere near main stream.  In fact, you might consider him the typical left wing media member, so prevalent in today’s fake news  In retrospect I watched an interview with Pastor Robert Jeffress and Juan Williams.  The pastor did a nice job easing the blow as he suggested “His Friend Juan” was just wrong.  I agree.  Juan’s OpEd is a glowing example of the Fifth Rule in action.
Now here is a teaching moment.  There are two times in presidential politics you make a choice.  The Primary and the General elections.  In the case of the Republican party, there was a choice of up to 16 individuals to represent the Republican Party in the general election.  But in the General Election, as Mr. Jeffress pointed out gave everyone a binary choice between two people.  This is irrespective of how anyone voted in their primary.  I suggest to you, the chance to get the 100% candidate comes in the primary.  With a binary choice, you will not get 100 percent, a perfect candidate, if that person even exists.  Jesus will never be on a ballot, but one could hope someone who serves him would be.
Yes, I hate to say it…  BUT, the lesser of two evils is sometimes your best choice.  Each time President Obama won the general election, data supports the fact that many Republican conservatives stayed home.  It wasn’t necessarily Christian who didn’t vote.  What is obvious however, is the rate of Christians voting is actually increasing.  It is widely acknowledged the Christian voter propelled Donald Trump to beat Hillary, the clearly anti-Christian candidate.  Thank you for that.  Now imagine what we can do if this were always the case?
Join or Die—
Early America saw many challenges long before our forefathers to the British to bug off.  The Declaration of Independence was one of the first and most public proclamation of freedom from the crown but came nearly a year after the Revolutionary War started.  The shot hear round the world, on April 19, 1775 was a full year beforehand.  The road to our current Constitution was a tough one to walk even after the war ended with a peace treaty and ultimately, George Washington resigning as commander of our forces in 1783
The first real attempt to create a system of government came before the war with the Albany Plan, drafted in 1754.  It was the first time the independent states were at least considered possibly joined together as a group.  The cartoon by Benjamin Franklin used as the artwork for this episode shows a segmented snake representing the states as individuals, but stating “Join or Die.” The fate of this plan was sealed as a result of it’s continued recognition of the crown as the governing body, something that would soon sour nearly everyone in the colonies.
During the war with the Articles of Confederation were adopted.  The articles served as a type of legal agreement between the states in what would be considered a loosely binding agreement.  It arguably failed to provide for common defense and was considered more problematic than successful.  The founding fathers seemed to agree we needed another try at something permanent and began drafting the Constitution which was signed by congress in 1787.  It then however had to be ratified by two thirds, or Nine of the states.  They faced a headwind for sure.  Rhode Island did not participate at all.  The press didn’t want it and New York, a highly populated state, and liberal even then nearly didn’t want it either.  The main concern of some, the anti-federalists was the lack of states power and the fear of a strong central government.
One of my favorite stories of grass roots activism (and something sure to come up in this podcast from time to time) is that of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay who began writing letters called the Federalist under an assumed name of Publius.  These letters, a sort of early letter to the editor was aimed at the citizens, and legislators in New York who were needed to ensure the Constitution was ratified.  The 85 letters give a look at what the founding fathers were thinking when the constitution was written.  It also serves as an understanding of the intent of the constitution for legal considerations, though it is not thought to be law.
The US Constitution was ratified in 1788 after New Hampshire agreed to it.  New York ratified it later that same year but was not necessary at New Hampshire was the ninth and final required state.  Whether the Federalist papers were effective or not, they serve as a permanent record of the thought that went into our long-standing constitution and worthy to be consumed by those of us who just want to know.  You can find all of these as audio books for free in podcast form.  I highly recommend it.  It further shows the potential one or three individuals can have when they engage their minds and use their hands.  We should all try that.
To you, my audience–
I know, sitting in my studio I am speaking to YOU!  Each week I remain prayerful, asking that not one word I speak fall to the ground, be untruthful or be hurtful.  Knowing you are out there listening is important to me.  This was my fifth episode and I’ve had valuable feedback which I take to heart.  If you need something different, I’m all ears.  My goal is to help you be active in politics and to vote.
Join the discussion at  I look forward to your comments.
Coming in the next episode, I’ll cover Alinsky’s sixth rule for radicals.  I’ll provide an overview of how the Articles of Confederation.  As always, I’ll find more examples of liberal melt down.
Until next time, be blessed.
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