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Conservative Christian Movement Podcast Episode 014- Why We Must Fight!

You are listening to the Conservative Christian Movement Podcast, episode 14, “Why We Must Fight”. This episode is being recorded August 3rd, 2018. Show notes can be found at

Welcome to the show! Today I will wrap up the Rules for Radicals with Rule # 13. I’ll talk through the myriad of news consuming our world today and talk a bit about where this show is headed and I’ll talk a bit about why it’s been so long since I’ve published an episode I’ll give you a glimpse of the emails I receive on a daily basis which confirms why we must fight. I’ll also give you the two questions to ask your elected officials which can determine their fitness for serving in our government. To end the episode, I’ll give more evidence of meltdowns from liberal minded people.

Without any further delay, let’s get right to it.

The verse of the Day

Deuteronomy 20:1 New International Version (NIV)

Going to War

When you go to war against your enemies and see horses and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them, because the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt, will be with you.

The title of this episode, “Why We Must Fight” is a bit of a misnomer. I don’t speak of fighting in the physical sense, fist fights and violence. No, I suggest, and have done so in previous emails, we as Christians must be willing to fight the emotional, spiritual and electional (if that’s even a word), battles. We must understand the rules of engagement. And, as we have studied over the past several episodes, use the rules for radicals for the good of our Nation— for Christian Values.

As we read in Deuteronomy 20:1, God delivers us when we need him to. We must just expect deliverance. We must be empowered in our minds to fight with God on our side. We must not be afraid of those we oppose. Some are Republicans, Most are Democrats, Socialists, Communists, and others. More an more, these groups suggest violence to silence God’s people. The USA will suffer if Christians are unwilling or unable to fight the fight being handed to us.

Rule number 13 from Saul Alinsky…

The thirteenth rule: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.
This is the final rule as written by Alinsky. In case you’ve lived under a rock, this one is the easiest of all to detect. You can recognize it based on the number of people pointing to a specific target. Take President Trump for instance. Just in the past week we’ve heard so much about separating immigrant children, here illegally from their illegal alien parents. I won’t pretend to know what is really going on with this story, but one thing is clear. The president is the target, the press freezes him by talking about it non-stop, they attack him personally, claiming he has no heart and has feelings for humans.
What you must fully understand, the rules for radicals were not based on logic, not based on fighting for the Constitution, or specifically to help we Americans be the light of the world. Not, quite the opposite is true. These were to bring about the liberal agenda. These days that means promotion of abortion, gay marriage, equal (special) rights for LGBTQ and whatever next letter happens to fit the agenda, and open borders.

The thirteenth rule can be used when a specific person stands in the way of winning on any of thee issues. Now, with Justice Kennedy retiring, the rhetoric (and use of this rule) are ratcheted up. Interestingly as I’ll share later, Liberals know they will not win against the President and his pick of a new Supreme Court Justice. What they will do, is use the situation for fund raising. This will fund candidates in November in hopes of winning back control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate; an entirely possible thing to do, considering how militant liberals are these days. I almost can’t wait to start seeing television attack ads in October. Just wait for it, they’ll be full of Alinsky’s rule # 13. I’ll cover all these ads when the time comes. That should be fun.

Geez, it’s been a while…

Yes, my last episode was in April… I admit it; times were strange for me. I had some travel to take care of, family issues came up and in general, life happened! In the midst of this, I had grown tired of a 15 minute episode taking five or six hours to edit. I found that editing took so long not just because I am a perfectionist and hater of my own voice, but among other things, deleting the funny noises I was making when I talk took forever. The frustration took my on a journey to see if I could increase the content and duration of the shows, with a corresponding significant decrease in editing. After some practice and some equipment additions, we’ll see how long this one takes. Not to mention I still think I sound like a used car salesman… Not that I dislike people of that profession. Some of them are actually honest…

Where is this show headed?

The environment created by the left in this nation is at a critical point. Civility is gone. No longer are they trying to win in Congress or at the ballot box. There is a sudden lack of class among not only liberal left but some in the Republican Party. I find it difficult to to know what I should be saying about our political system today. I seem to also find it hard to draw a line in the sand, one which I will not cross. Politicians are fair game, but I also just want to share what Christian Voters need to know.
What is important for this outreach is to ensure Christians are registered to vote, educated on the issues and actually vote in every election. In the primary in May 2018, voter turnout in my county was 62% of Democrat and 45% of Republicans actually voted! I suspect most Christians are aligned more to the Republican party. This tells me with relative certainty, many Christians probably did not vote in the primary.

Getting back to the topic, I will pay particular attention to voter turnout, education and callout of crazy candidates wherever they may be found. We as Christians need to carry the mantle of those who wrote our Constitution and make sure Christianity and the Constitution remain compatible. Perhaps the single biggest reason for this podcast to exist is to shape the courts in the future. We need to ensure our Constitution is interpreted strictly. The days of judging constitutionality of laws based on feeling should end. Too often judges rule based on what their opinions happen to be, not what our founding fathers intended. So far, President Trump seems to be picking good judges at the Supreme Court and in the federal courts.

Will Christianity be around in the future?

There is tremendous pressure on the church today. In some ways the pressure comes from within as the Catholic Church “unofficially” softens on Abortion and inclusivity of “alternative lifestyles”. Then if those who find Christianity to be hateful can’t find a way to ignore the sin of the active gay lifestyle, people will just have their own church and stop calling it sin.

As more people find fun in sin, easier life in sin and fewer parent telling our youth less about God and more about fun, the choice to live in sin comes naturally. As in everything in the Bible, people read it and each gain different insight from it. Those who want to justify sin can get that out of it without really trying. The disconnect between those of us who are socially conservative and others who are socially liberal is growing. This adds pressure to church leadership in most faiths to adapt to the new culture, something not Biblical yet real.

On the other side of the coin, Christians are labeled in the press as haters, bashed in movies by Hollywood’s so-called elites and those at the highest levels of government worldwide. Between this fast and the ever growing pressure to bend to the alternatives to traditional marriage and family planning, Christianity may well become a minority and further at risk of retribution in the future.

From the Newsbag…

I have always subscribed to crazy mailing lists. Sometimes I am caught and deleted but I simply resubscribe. What this allows me to do is know what liberals are saying, mostly about our Government and to some extent, about Christianity.

First, it seems President Obama has come out of his shell. I received a message from DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee). In this email it suggested Obama was begging for money. The title of the email was “President Obama: “I’m Asking” for donations between $1 and $250 and them some. The reason was to fight to protect his “legacy”. Still to this day, I think his legacy should be a sinking ship, never to be seen again. What is interesting about this email, and something very common among these types of solicitations is this, it claims for each $1 donated, the donation will be quadrupled. Knowing there are campaign finance laws, it is not clear who is paying the “Quadruple.” It only says “Grassroots Democrats” have stepped up. I’d bet George Sorros is part of that plan.

Next was an email which appears to be directly from President Obama. This on the heels of Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement. In the email he stated:

I’m asking you to make a choice.  I’m asking you to reject cynicism, reject complacency, reject sitting this one out.

I’m asking you to choose something better — to come together and get everybody you know involved, and engaged, and registered, and out to vote for a Democratic House that will fight for our progress and fight for this country.

I know which I choose. And I’m counting you to be there right alongside me this fall, just like you’ve always been when I needed you most.

Elections matter. There shouldn’t be any question left about that. And this country needs all of us now.
So I’m asking: Can I count on $1 now to elect strong Democrats?  If he hadn’t used the word “Democrats” I might have been on board; well not really… True enough that elections matter. You and I are living this with the soon to be made choice for the supreme court.

Yes, elections matter. Can you imagine who would be on the supreme court had Hillary won? Given we are all sinners and fall short of God’s Glory, there is no perfect person in government. President Trump is not perfect. That is not judgmental on my part. I’m not perfect. Given a choice between the two, Trump over Clinton was a no-brainer. The fact a liberal will criticize Christians for making this choice is ludicrous. I’m happy to be a so-called deplorable. Obama asks us to come together. I’m not certain, but hearing Maxine Waters suggest kicking administration staff out of restaurants or confronting them in public isn’t exactly coming together. Peter Fonda suggesting kidnapping conservatives children somehow doesn’t fit that request either.

Finally, this from Google…

Apparently, in Canada, their supreme court ruled against the Bible. It is now considered incompatible for a school to suggest a person live by Christian Standards, including not partaking of homosexual activities. The case was brought about by LGBT activists specifically to fight the requirement to refrain from such activities of the LGBT lifestyle, commonly understood to be incompatible with Christian Living. Perhaps Canada really needs more Christians to participate in the legal system. Dare to dream… by the way, any Canadian listeners? I’d love to hear from you…

Two Questions…

When you are faced with a decision regarding voting for or against a candidate, there are two questions which will drive a decision. Before I say what these two questions are, a bit of back story is in order. In episode 7 I talked about knowing your hot button issues. For me, the issue which sets politicians apart is abortion. This topic is my hot button issue. And now for the two questions. First, Are you Pro Life or Pro Choice. Second, what have you done in your work to support this position.
If a person states they are pro choice, game over. The only give I can accept is for the life of mom. It is rare when this is the case, yet it is tossed around like it happens 99% of the time. On the second question, a person who is staunchly pro-life yet has done nothing to support pro-life legislation is also a no go. The only chance a person in this situation has, is to be on the ballot against someone even worse. The 2016 election fell into this category. Hillary is clearly pro choice, while President Trump claims to be pro-life, yet has not been in office, thus cannot show historical record of working toward legislation supporting his position.

Again, the primary election cycle is when these question mean more, however it can still be a driver for making a choice as it was in 2016. Now for the reality check. I would not ignore the fact there are so many other issues that matter. However, the moral character of a person can be measured based on how they answer these two questions. Again, the primary is the best chance to use these questions to for your own opinion.

Meltdown of the Week…

One of my favorites is Maxine Waters. She’s the ultimate poster child for why you should be active in politics (if you’re a Christian Conservative that is). Apparently she just doesn’t believe in “Make America Great Again”.

Thank you again for listening…

Show notes and links are available at If you have questions, I’d be happy to hear them. Comments are also welcome. If you leave a voicemail linked on my contact page at, I’ll likely use it in the next episode.

Speaking of the next episode, I’ll talk about the confirmation process in government, Join the discussion at I look forward to your comments. I’ll get specific on all the anti abortion bills which have been passed or state governments are too chicken to pass them (hear me Ohio?), I’ll find more e’mails of note and as always, more meltdowns and other topics of note.

Question of the week. If I were to summarize key messages of the day via Periscope or Youtube, would you listen? Answer via email at

Until next time, be blessed and vote the bible.

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