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Today on the Conservative Christian Movement podcast, I’ll  discuss President Trump ordained by God.  I’ll talk about the mid-term election, the 116th Congress which is in full and talk about why DC is so blue.  I’ll unpack the abortion drama spreading across the nation like wildfire and continue calling out the insanity that is liberalism in America

You are listening to CCM Podcast Episode 15, Suffer the Little Ones.  This episode was recorded Feb 1, 2019.

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The verse of the day:

Romans 13:1 (NIV) Courtesy of Bible Gateway

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

You and I are subject to governing authorities.  There is no question about that.  The gulf between conservative and liberal thought these days is wider than ever.  In Episode 5 (Link below) I talked about the meat grinder called politics.  It’s a wonder any Christian would want to serve in such a bitter world.

President Trump is Ordained by God

These days Liberals are so far left, blinded by desire to rid this nation of a president, no individual outside their circle can say nothing correctly.  If the president says the sky is blue, they would disagree.  Take what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in an interview with CBN. 

“I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that He wanted Donald Trump to become president.”

USA Today wasted no time with the rhetoric train, bashing her for such a wild statement.  From our verse of the day, God puts people in places of authority for His purposes, not ours.  We don’t always understand why but we have to live with it.  When Obama won his first term, I was saddened.  Then his second win, I might as well have been devastated.  But as I have mentioned before, losses in politics are opportunities to play the game differently.

Yes, I agree with Sarah’s assessment.  President Trump is the one God chose in 2016.  After all, the alternative was worse than Obama (my opinion).  USA Today calls out Christians for running to this verse when it serves a purpose.  I’m using it because for one thing, the Word of God is infallible, it is alive today as yesterday and we gain from it what God wants us to when we read it.  You might get a different message from the word than I do from the same scripture.  It’s amazing that way.

Obama’s presidency was an unmitigated disaster for our standing in the world; not exactly a failure in the minds of the left.  President Trump has been willing to un-ring those bells.

Is the president perfect?  No…  Nor was David who was clearly chosen by God to lead Israel at a young age.  Are we giving him a pass on his transgressions?  Maybe, but he is president and deserves at least a measure of respect for it.  Obama got that much in spite of “knowing” he was flat wrong.

What we can see here, is no matter what you say, if you say it with a Christian tone, you’ll get crucified for it.  But why? Better yet, what can YOU do about it?

Charisma News actually put some dimensions around all the things (and people) liberals hate.  It’s a substantial list but you can’t add everything they hate to a list.  It just wouldn’t be feasible.  The Constitution, Freedom, Israel, Guns and Wealth can help you to see why when liberals are in power, gridlock ensues.  You  and I were witness to this while watching any Senate hearing for nominees to any office, especially with Brett Kavanaugh.  Isn’t it curious how that just died when it was over?  Incidentally, many of the democrats on the committee responsible for the tearing down of a good man will be running for president.  No wonder the grand standing.

Now, let’s be honest about what is really going on in DC.  The GET TRUMP train is moving full steam ahead.  This means the president can not under any circumstances be left to win anything, especially if the democrats hand him the win.  That just isn’t to be allowed.  Robert Mueller is the main tool in the Get Trump play.  He is all they have.  And guess what.  Mueller got his start during a Republican led House and Senate by what is commonly known as the Deep State, largely in place due to Obama appointments and career federal employees.  After two plus years– NOTHING,  GOOSE EGG.  DC can’t keep secrets.  If he had something, we would know it.  Net, it appears Russia really was a democratic play against the president.  Plenty of smoke and fire in the Hillary camp, but again, Mueller’s job isn’t justice, it is Trump.

If I had to make a prediction, we have just under two years until the presidential election of 2020.  Mueller’s job will be to drag this out until October 2020, when he can cause the most damage to the president in an “October surprise.”  Frankly if you want to win, you may as well simply stop watching all the news outlets.  Or at a minimum stop listening to a story after the first two sentences.

Blue DC

You and I can thank ourselves for the 116th Congress.  Well, not literally but figuratively.  With Nancy Pelosi now in the Speaker of the House position it says something about the decay of American society.  Pew Research conducts polling to see how you and I are thinking and if we’re in good company or not.  Sadly, we Christians are falling behind.

The House of Representatives flipped substantially versus the 115th Congress.  Representative Nadler (D, NY) tweeted these words on election night 2018.

“Tonight, the American people have demanded accountability from their government and sent a clear message of what they want from Congress. @realDonaldTrump may not like it, but he and his administration will be held accountable to our laws and to the American people.”

What you might take away from this, if applying common sense is this.  We will not get accountability, we will not have a rule of law and we will not have a congress working for the people.  When democrats are in charge, these are not the real priorities.  Quite the opposite will happen, but more to the point, the cries for impeachment will ring louder in the name of supposed accountability.

How did we get here?  Pew data shed light on the trends leaving us in dire straights.  In almost every religion category, 2018 saw an increase in Democrat vote versus Republican.  It is almost back to 2006 when we saw the same trend.  What does that mean?  Christians, Catholics and others are voting Democrat in spite of the party’s constant abuse of Biblical voters.  Mind blowing if you ask me.

How can a hard core liberal use their faith to support the decline in morality?  Well, you certainly can’t quote the Bible to do it.  You just claim Jesus would want it that way, or the church needs to care for people.  Just  turn it into a feeling, not facts.  This is what happens with the border wall discussion (that’s immoral), abortion (poor woman/non-human parasite), Wealth (Evil rich people/class warfare).  In every case, liberals simply demonize something or someone to justify their position.  For some reason, people of faith are slowly diverging from Biblical teaching to feel good religion which says do what you want. 

I talked previously (Speak the Truth Episode 12) of how the church has slowly grown soft on social issues.  We now have full churches fully supporting LGBTQ lifestyles.  How do they justify it?  Well, if you are against the lifestyle, you’re labeled a homophobe.  It seems to me, we as Christians in a (Yes) Christian Nation, should love the sinner, not the sin.  God destroyed cities over deviant behavior, as I recall, homosexual sins among others.

It’s not for me or you to judge the sin.  It is also not up to us to justify the sin.  Let’s agree to call it what it is.  SIN.  I’m not perfect.  What I hope for is a discerning spirit to know when I am doing something sinful, to be convicted of it by the Holy Spirit, and seek forgiveness and strength to overcome.  This is true also no matter the sin.  What we can’t allow is our response to sin to be a sign of anger or hatred to the sinner. 

I had occasion to hear of comments on Facebook by some in our Church at the time regarding Adam Lambert, who was singing on American Idol.  The comments were about his being gay and how he can’t be allowed to win because of it.  When that thinking was challenged, the roof caved in on us.  For this reason, people do not feel comfortable in many churches.  The holier than thou attitude was alive and well.  And still is. This example of legalistic Christianity leads to a poor opinion of religion and leads many to go to the dark side.  This type of person may be compared to the Sadducees and Pharisees in Jesus day.

Abortion Circus

And now for the topic of abortion.  I stated this is my hot button issue in Episode 7-Know Your Hot Button Issue.  In that podcast episode I talked about why Abortion is my number one issue; one that a politician who support abortion is unqualified for office.

On the heals perhaps one of the most barbaric votes in our past, New York has seen fit to allow the killing of a baby even during delivery.  I want to be clear.  This is not a religious issue.  It’s really not a political issue.  For me it is a moral issue.  The reason for such action in New York is the fear Roe V. Wade will be overturned.

New York has been proactive to the extreme to protect what they call health care at the expense of a viable human being.  Though their actions have ignited the discussion of abortion and infanticide, New York is not alone.  Christian Post reports seven states now allow late-term abortions.  These include Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and Vermont, as well as Washington, D.C.  Planned Parenthood considers abortion a basic human right, unlike a viable baby who in their mind has no basic human rights, even during birth.  Again, you must suspend a sense of reality and dehumanize a child in order to allow someone to tear a baby apart with scissors, cause death and dismember it for the same of health care.

We as a nation join others in barbaric acts.  The list is lacking in distinction.  We find ourselves in the company of China, North Korea, Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands in performing late term abortions, or murder on otherwise viable babies.  Politifact pointed this out simply to say US Senators were wrong in their assessment of the global pervasiveness of abortion.  Many more than those quoted do it.  That is not a fact to be proud of.

Then there is Virginia, in which bills are being considered to make the law very much similar to New York if not more barbaric.  According to Governor Northam, in an interview, made this statement: “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”  Would care to guess what that means?  You could potentially deliver a baby, allow it to die, resuscitate it, then decide to kill it.

In Ohio the Heartbeat Bill was passed by both the house and senate, only to be vetoed by the lying Governor Kasich.  I say lying because he always promised a law banning abortion.  This was his chance to make good on it.  Both the house and senate voted on an overide.  The State House passed but the Senate failed by a narrow margine, largely on the flipped vote of one Senator.  Then State Senator Bill Beagle changed his vote to a know, thus killing the bill.  This ensuring Kasich rode into the sunset without an override and allow possibly millions of babies to die.  Kasich will likely run for President again and Bill Beagle now has a nice job in the Treasurer’s office; coincidence?   If you are of like mind with me, please remember pro-abortion equals unqualified for office.  This in spite of some restrictions which were put in place during Kasich’s tenure as governor.

Liberal Rants and Such

Representative Omar shows her anti-Jewish bent.

Senator Kamala Harris renewed her support for Medicare for All.  No need to worry about keeping your doctor or your current insurance to which she could not care less.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Omar suggests taxing the Rich at 70-90% to pay for trillions in new spending; jump on the Bernie Sanders crazy train.

It’s gonna be a really fun two years in the 116th Congress.

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