CCM 016- Hate of the Union

Today on the Conservative Christian Movement, I’m making a change versus what I planned from my last Episode.  Instead of the planned topics, I am choosing to summarize the State of the Union speech from February 5.  I’ll do so in a way most other commentators are not; by building the Democrat party platform for 2020 based on their reaction to the president’s comments in the State of the Union.  I’ll get back to business as usual next week…  Welcome back to the Conservative Christian Movement Podcast.  This episode was recorded February 8, 2019.  I am Jeff Stipe, your host.

Let’s get started.

The verse of the Day:

Proverbs 29:2 (NIV)

“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

This is perhaps the most applicable verse when considering Christian participation in politics.  The founding fathers preferred righteous leadership over wicked rule, which was so prevalent in their struggle for independence.  I talked at length about this in episode 2 (A Journey to a New World).

Our nation struggles today with a shifting away from simple Biblical principles which were woven into our Constitution willfully by framers who believed not only in the infallible Word of God, but the positive influence in both our individual walk and our nations standing in the world.  

Slowly, over time, Liberals have loaded the courts to speed the separation of Church from the state, something never intended before.  In each of the Seven Mountains mentioned in episode 1 (Change the world).  These are Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Business.  Liberals (of which Republicans are often a part), amplify sin to normalize it and desensitize you to it though these 7 mountains.

The ultimate goal is to minimize YOUR impact as a Christian for the good, while making sin an acceptable and expected normal occurrence.

And now, my take on the Democrat Progressives reaction to President Trump. 

Hate of the Union

This week, President Trump gave his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.  As is usually the case, he made statements, some cheered, others jeered.  I’ve heard many critiques of the speech and of the Democrat reaction to those statements.  To which I thought, their reaction signifies their beliefs and ultimately their party platform.

I will preface this statement by stating openly, the Democrat party HATES President Trump.  They hated from the start, the plan he put out as a candidate and the steps he has taken to “Drain the Swamp” in DC.  But I digress…

The president put forth his message in hopes of unifying the un-unifiable.  Hi message spanned the gamut of “Can’t we all just get along” to wow, our nation is in great shape.  There was little patting himself on the back.  Honestly the year has been a pretty good year for our country and is set to continue for the near future.

It wasn’t all bad.  I’ll start with the glimmer of hope which has already faded out to nothingness.

It seems we can all get along with Birthdays, women in the workplace and economic development for women in foreign countries.  We saw the house chamber erupt into Happy Birthday (a first ever) and a unified “U-S-A” chant another possible first. 

Additional points of agreement came with praise for HIV/Aids and childhood cancer efforts and calls for additional research for both.

The elation came quickly and eroded with the next sentence.

The actual 2016 Democrat Platform is linked in the show notes for your enjoyment.  Please keep in mind, this is my interpretation of a progressive mindset.  It was painful to write and I DO NOT BELIEVE ANY OF IT to be a legitimate help to our great nation.

Ruling the Nation as two Parties Rather than One Nation

We cannot and will not be seen as working with Republican lawmakers under any circumstances.  In order to increase our anti-Biblical, anti-Semitic, lawless and free-giving policies, we reject the offer to work together for the common good of this nation.  We reject the opportunities to seek common ground, work to provide a legislative environment which allow free people to determine their own path forward and will at every turn fight with fervor any attempt to see this nation as a Christian Nation.

Victory is not winning as a nation, it is winning at all costs for our party.

Promoting a Safer, More Prosperous America—Our Way, not Theirs

Our nation continues to struggle with mass shootings, gun killings, danger in our schools and racism at all levels of power.  Choices which leave our world in danger through climate changes, economic disparity and tax cuts for the rich, leave us bitter and angry.

We reject any and all attempts to utilize capitalism, trickle-down economics and free markets to promote a so-called better America.  Capitalism is incompatible with our ideal environment and cannot be supported in any way.  We must find alternatives to Capitalism by any means, to include increasing liberal members of congress, loaded courts and a complicit media.

Politics of cooperation, compromise and the common good cannot be allowed to be spoken in public for the good of our cause.   We must keep stalemate, divisions, wounds, gridlock, resistance, vengeance and pointless destruction or we will not win in 2020.  Only with a Democrat president, can we achieve our type of greatness.

Economy and Trade

We must continue to ignore the good news in our economy.  At any chance we as Democrats must speak of negative news, forgoing truth in an effort to turn the American people further from President Trump and toward the Darkness of Democrat policies.

We reject the premise that all Americans can pull themselves out of the gutter without government assistance.  We stand firmly against the president and his claim of removing citizens from welfare rolls.  Citizens simply must remain in our grasp and under our power with economic coercion.

A growing economy under a Republican president is simply unacceptable.  Unemployment at its lowest rate in a century does nothing to promote our cause.  Low African, Hispanic and Asian American unemployment levels are a threat to our voter base.  Overall unemployment is a necessity to keep American beholden to our power structure and must be reversed.

Tax cuts for working families must be repealed at all costs.  The estate or death tax takes money from our treasury which is ours not theirs and must be reinstated.  The Obamacare mandate must be reinstated.

Dark economic policies must be restored or our voter base will see the light and will no longer be dependent on our giving.  The Jobs numbers, which are coming out of government policies, consumer confidence and business conditions are a threat to us all.

We support any actions which usher in socialism and its tenants which run contrary to our current economic system.

We simply cannot let facts get in the way or our agenda.

Energy and Environment

Across our nation we see energy usage at an all-time high.  Pipelines are in the works creating a risk to our environment.  Climate change is having an increasing risk to our people through extreme weather. 

A Democrat Utopia will minimize use of fossil fuels in spite of the economic hardship it would impose.  We must stop policies which make America a net exporter of energy.  The Green New Deal must be put in place so that we can control big business, redistribute wealth and further degrade our place in the international energy market.

We Democrats must continue to build on Al Gore’s work and press on for global climate change regulations, eliminate the combustion engine, regulate cow flatulence and otherwise control our citizens use of energy.

Military and Veterans

Our military is a necessary evil which the American people will never allow to be removed.  However, we should always fight to ensure the military is contained a minimized on the world stage.  It should never be allowed to force our beliefs on other nations.  We must use every tool to ensure we do not outspend our adversaries and find ourselves

We must undo the right of the government to fire bad VA workers.  This is incompatible with our desire to unionize and empower blocks of workers to overpower their employers.

It is absolutely wrong on our part to force NATO allies to pay their fair share for common defense.  In our view, NATO should be eliminated.


First Step act cannot be left in place.  It was enacted under a Republican president.  This stands against our notion of President Trump being racist.  The narrative of Republicans being racist will protect our power over minority voters.  Though we agree in principle and largely support this, it must be replaced with a law signed by a Democrat president.


The fight to build a wall, keeping people out of our country will not work and must not stand.  We must continue to allow the border crisis which will provide much needed infusion of illegal immigration and future Democrat voters.  Coyotes, Human Traffickers and drug cartels have a right to succeed.  We cannot build a wall on our border.  The caravans coming to our border place this narrative front and center.  We must keep the pressure on these people to keep marching and put ICE in a position to make news of a negative nature.

ICE simply must be castigated, called thugs and ultimately disassembled as a force for protecting our border.

Democrats must keep the narrative of immigrants being good people and fight the truth by ignoring negative news on a national front.  We want immigrant to come here illegally and must fight for laws which allow them to vote as we know they will vote Democrat, the party to give them financial security.

The narrative stating “Walls don’t work” must continue and be intensified.  Any effort to erect a wall, fence or other structure must be defeated.

Presidential Nominations

We Democrats must hold fast to the stalemate preventing the confirmation of judicial nominations.  A conservative president will always pick individuals counter to our plans.  As best we can, we must delay and obstruct in hopes of winning in 2020, when we can open the flood gates on activists’ judges who will do the bidding and carry our water wherever possible.

Health Care and Abortion

Abortion and Roe V Wade is under constant assault by the Christian Right.  Recent wins in New York have further cemented a woman’s right to abortion as healthcare.  Efforts to give protection to any unborn fetus continue.  Funding of Planned Parenthood face heavy assault across the nation.

Let us at every turn fight the rhetoric which provides the graphic evidence of what occurs during late term abortion.  We believe a fetus is not a child and cannot be afforded the rights of a human until it is alive outside the womb.

We support a woman’s choice to terminate her pregnancy for any reason through any means necessary.  We also desire to version of the world would make cost of health care painful.  This pain will usher in the desire on the part of our citizens to force a government led solution, single payer and universal healthcare for all.

We Democrats stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood

It wouldn’t be right to trash the Democrat reaction to President Trump without revisiting the purpose of this podcast.  My hope is to get you off the couch, along with your friends and family go to the polls and vote.  When people who believe as these people do are known, we owe it to our nation to share and prevent them from ever taking office.  We need integrity, morality, sincerity, honesty and selfless service.  What a concept.  People who act on Biblical beliefs are more likely to exhibit these traits than are not Christians.

Biggest Embarrassments of the State of the Union

Bernie Sanders: for slouching in his seat the whole night, looking on with anger as Socialism is banned from our future.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez: for standing on occasion with her hands crossed, working hard to ignore the good news, looking sour for most of the speech and mumbling along the way.

Nancy Pelosi: for having that sucking on a pickle look (not my own description but appropriate nonetheless).  For controlling her crazy base with orders of when to stand, when to site, when to clap and when to cheer (or jeer).

Last week, I asked the question “Would you be interested in movie reviews, both Christian and Secular, in a Conservative Christian perspective.”  The feedback was mixed.  My interpretation, the data suggest you would be well served with a brief, paragraph sized comment with a simple review and recommendation.  My scale will be a 1 to 5.

  1. Wish I hadn’t
  2. Wouldn’t see again
  3. Take it or Leave it
  4. Would see it again
  5. Want to own it

Question of the week: How involved should Christianity be in a party platform?

Getting back to what I originally planned, In the next episode I’ll introduce Frank Stephens and his comments to Congress regarding abortion.  I’ll introduce the known Democrat party candidates for 2020; continue the discussion of Kasich/Beagle, supposed Pro-Life organizations and the failure of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill and present evidence for the left’s continue assault on Christian through education.


Verse of the Day:

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Episode 1: Let Us Change the World

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Democrat 2016 Party Platform

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